Stations of the Cross and Other Last Projects

Porto Nuova Train Station, Turin - former Juglaris mural site
Villa of Baron Mayor des Planches, Moncalieri - former Juglaris mural site

During his final years in Italy, Juglaris was able to live well from investments on savings accumulated during his American sojourn. But he continued to be active as an artist. Much of Juglaris’s work from this period are portraits, still lifes, and religiously-themed scenes. Nevertheless, some mural and decorative art commissions are known to have come his way. Water color sketches for elaborate ceiling decorations survive, including a scheme for the Turin palazzo of the popular novelist Edmondo De Amicis. In addition, Baron Edmondo Mayor des Planches, the Italian ambassador to the United States and dean of the Washington, D.C., diplomatic corps from April 1905 to March 1910 invited Juglaris to decorate the chapel of his large villa on a Moncalieri hillside. Juglaris was further commissioned to paint a mural series for the Porto Nuova Train Station in central Turin.

In 1919, Juglaris received the largest decorative commission of his final years—a series of fourteen murals to serve as Stations of the Cross for a new parish church to be built in lower Moncalieri. In keeping with tradition, the first mural mounted at the Church of the Holy Trinity captures the moment of Jesus’ trial and condemnation; the last depicts his burial. Although the figures lack the large size and sweep typical of Juglaris’s other murals, the Station scenes are notable for their simplicity of detail and their subtle use of light and deep colors. The Stations of the Cross at the Church of the Holy Trinity constitute Juglaris’s last testament as a muralist.

A Gallery of Decorative Designs for Ceilings

Decorative Designs for Ceilings
Decorative Designs for Ceilings
Decorative Designs for Ceilings

The Stations of the Cross