A Table Of Contents And Overview

A Table of Contents and Overview


An Invitation to the World of Artist Tommaso Juglaris
Inset - In His Own Words: The Artist Speaks

A Table Of Contents And Overview

Juglaris in Europe

Inset – Italy’s Savoyard Kings

Discovering a Life in Art
Inset – What’s in a Name?

Learning by Working
Inset – Juglaris’s Mentor and Hands-on Teacher

A Very Bad Student
Inset – What is Academic Art?

Pride Does Not Sell Paintings
Inset – Turin’s Circle of Artists

Death and Dancing
Inset – Margherita, the First Queen of Italy

Leaving Italy
Inset – A Man with Yellow Gloves

Arrival in Paris
Inset – ‘Paris in Despair’: Juglaris’s Testimony

Finding Work
Inset – What is Industrial Art?

Mastering the Industrial Arts
Inset – Juglaris’s Role in Racinet’s Le Costume Historique

Pursuing the Fine Arts
Inset – Cabanel and Gerome: Titans of the Ecoles des Beaux Arts

Thomas Couture: A Difficult Master
Inset – The ‘Great French Painter’ at Villiers-le-Bel

Success at the Salon
Inset – What is the Paris Salon?

Mingling with Giants
Inset – On the Street Where Juglaris Lived

Louis Prang Makes an Offer
Inset – America’s Publishing Wunderkind

Into the Unknown

Juglaris in America

Arrival in New York
Inset – Inset – An Artist’s View of New York

Boston Bound
Inset – On Board the Train

Settling in Boston
Inset – What to Wear En Plein Air?

Trouble with Prang
Gallery: Christmas and New Year’s Cards by Juglaris

Help Arrives: John Sartain and Donald MacDonald
Inset – Donald MacDonald: Faithful Friend, Patron, and Partner

Boston Art Club
Inset – New Boston Allies: Sylvester Koehler and Martin Brimmer

Decorating Gilded Mansions
Inset – Accomplishing 'What Poor Hunt Tried to Do'

Painting Michigan's Muses
Inset – Italian Artists in America: A Rich Capitol Legacy

Introducing the Nude

Painting the First Lady
Inset – At the Studio of Helena deKay Gilder

Professor of All Painters
Inset - Juglaris at the Rhode Island School of Design

Notable Students: Childe Hassam and Others
Inset – Teaching Classical Forms

A Menacing Eruption
Inset – ‘The Italian Must Go’

Supporting Fellow Immigrants
Inset – The Italian Community in Late Nineteenth-Century Boston

Tragic Losses
Inset – In the Face of Grief

The Politics of Art
Inset – Juglaris and His Critics

Boston Splendor
Inset – A Party to Remember for ‘Boston’s Best People’

Rising American Nationalism
Inset – A Winter of Discontent: Hard Work and Ill Health

At War's Edge
Inset – A Mass Lynching and an American-Italian Diplomatic Crisis

Recalled to America
Inset – Henry Hammond Gallison: The Measure of a Man

Juglaris's Legacy
Inset – A Moment of Serendipity. . .

Juglaris Exhibitions

Paris Salon Honors
Inset – The Fate of Juglaris’s Salon Paintings

Boston Exhibitions
Inset – John Ward Dunsmore: Parisian Bon Ami, Boston Collaborator

Controversy over Nudes
Inset – Gallery: Studies from the Nude by Tommaso Juglaris

M.I.T. Exhibition Stirs Boston
Inset – The Artists’s Colony at Annisquam

International Juglaris Exhibition
Inset – A Surprise from On High

Major Mural Commissions

Italian Apprenticeship

French and English Commissions
Inset – Barnsley Then and Now

Stained Glass Designs
Gallery: Stained Glass Designs by Tommaso Juglaris

Frieze Decorations
Inset – The Friezes at Syracuse: The Barnes-Hiscock Mansion

Michigan's Capitol Muses
Gallery: The Capitol’s ‘Painted Ladies’

Religious Murals and Paintings

Franklin Public Library Murals and Friezes
Inset – A Wife Remembers: Marie Reuter Gallison

Ray Memorial Controversy
Inset – Juglaris and Gallison: A Fractured Friendship

Praise from New England Magazine and The Craftsman
Inset – Grand Entrance: The Hours

The Mural That Never Was

Stations of the Cross and Other Last Projects
Inset – Gallery: Decorative Designs for Ceilings
Inset – Gallery: Stations of the Cross

Teaching Juglaris

Michigan's Capitol Mystery

Vision and Vista at America's Oldest Public Library

Signatures and Monograms

Juglaris Heritage Site Tours

Michigan Capitol Visit: Classroom Materials Available

Bibliographic Sources
Inset – Part 1 – Books and Articles Regarding Tommaso Juglaris or Highlighting His Work
Part 2 – Other Relevant Bibliographical Sources on Iconography, Decoration of Government Buildings, Immigration, Labor Unions, American Economic Development, and Italian-American Diplomatic Relations

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